The Boots ‘n Beer hiking group is a social component of Boots’n Beer Charities dedicated to the premise that a walk in the woods is only trumped by a mug of beer. Combining both endeavors is the path to enlightenment: It’s good for the soul!

Each hike shall be followed by a post-hike rehydration stop at a local restaurant or pub offering a selection of quality beers and food. Beer on tap or bottles of micro-brewed beers or imports are mandatory requirements for a restaurant or pub to qualify as a Boots ’n Beer rehydration stop. (Check out Rehydration on this website.)  Attendance at this portion of the day’s event is not mandatory but strongly encouraged. Camaraderie on the trail is prolonged and enhanced in the social atmosphere of a neighborhood pub and while we recognize not all members imbibe alcoholic refreshments we encourage everyone to join both the hikes and the social hours.  We’ve heard abstinence is a worthy trait and it does not preclude full membership privileges.

Participation in Stout Hikes is limited to men only who are paid-up members because outdoor recreational activity spent in the company of other men builds Esprit de Corps and enriches the family and community life of the participants through enhanced physical conditioning and stress reduction. Founder’s Hikes are by invitation only.

photo 1

Rehydration at LUCKY STAR LOUNGE in Front Royal after a Stout Hike


One becomes a member of this group by agreeing to our liability waiver and participate in hikes but will be culled from the group if one does not participant once in a one year period and continues not to respond to email notifications of the hike. Work is not a valid excuse for missing a hike. The purpose of this group is to periodically escape the obligations and stress of employment and seek refuge in the mountains and forest. Hikes will be conducted in all weather and conditions.  There is no bad weather, only bad gear!  However, the hike organizer has the discretion to cancel or postpone a hike although it should only be for a worthy reason such as earth quakes, tsunamis, tornados, nuclear fallout, meteor strike, fire storms, etc., not something mundane like snow or rain or heat or gloom.


Hikes will generally be scheduled at least once a month, commence around noon on a weekday and be of moderate length and strenuousness and typically less than 4 hours. Members can expect to be home no later than 7 to 8  p.m. Extended weekend hikes may be offered on occasion to members seeking a more challenging physical conditioning experience.

On the trail, conversations will be mutually engaged in. If any member elects to walk in reflective silence, that silence will be respected by the other hikers. Stopping to smell the rhododendrons or gaze at the valleys below is encouraged.

This group is for recreational purposes only. No business may be conducted while in transit, on the trail or in the pubs; pretty much nowhere. The organization is not a business networking group. Anyone violating this rule after a verbal warning may be severely taunted for example: I don’t want to talk to you no more, you empty headed animal food trough wiper. I fart in your general direction. Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries.  Now go away or I shall taunt you a second time.”


Bob Moe practices “Leave No Trace Behind!”


The Board of Directors of Boots’nBeer, Inc. will annually appoint officers such as a hike and/or events organizer to be responsible for organizing hikes and other related events for the group.


These rules may be amended at the discretion of the Board of Directors of Boots ’n Beer, Inc. and group members may provide suggested amendments to the Board.