“Hiking is without a doubt, the single best thing I have done for myself.”

George Wotton

The Phantom of Old Rag

“Boots ‘n Beer – It’s good for the soul!”

Jim Carson

Intrepid Leader

“Move or die! is the language of our maker in the constitution of our bodies” according to John Adams. While true, I like John Muir’s commandment better: “The mountains are calling and I must go!”

Andreas Keller

“I have enjoyed hiking with my friends in Boots ‘n Beer for the past four years. I look forward to new adventures and new trails.”

Cooper Wright

“The faster you move, the slower you die. Make no mistake, moving is living””

Mike Schmidtman

“I┬áloved the outdoors all my life and am now working hard to get reconnected with it.”

Rick Gow

“I am a semi retired insurance and investment advisor. I live in Oakton and like most outdoor activities, especically hiking with Boots and Beer.”

Richard Wardian

“Love to briskly move down the trail. “

Stan Parks