Ultimate Hike in Dolly Sods, WV

Ultimate Hike in Dolly Sods, WV

Boots ‘n Beer – a drinking club with a hiking problem!

Here is an opportunity to get away from the daily routine and out into nature where you breath fresh air, enjoy camaraderie and friendship and later on go belly-up for a good beer.

Weekend Hikes 

Each weekend, mostly on Saturdays, Boots ‘n Beer arranges for hikes which are available to all – our Hikers and their Families, Friends of Boots ‘n Beer and Guests. These hikes are of different length, mostly around 5 to 8 miles with an elevation gain of up to 1,500 feet. Check out the hikes we offer on the righthand side and click through to our Meetup site where you can find details. Everyone is welcome to Weekend Hikes and Events. We’d like to spread our enthusiasm for hiking and trekking to many. Our Boots ‘n Beer events include not only Hiking but also Skiing, Backpacking, Cabin Hikes, and Social Events.

Mid-Week Hikes

These are easy hikes to keep us limber and in good shape just what the doctor ordered: fresh air, heart healthy activity, positive social interaction. These hikes are around five miles with around 1,000 feet elevation gain. P1140176

Pilsner Hikes

Our Pilsner Hikes take place on the last Friday of each month. We call them “Pilsner Hikes” because they are moderate and last for about 3 hours always ending up at a suitable hydration spot, often the Griffen Tavern in Flint Hill, VA. The Pilsner Hikes are available to all members, family and friends.

Stout Hikes and Founder’s Hikes (reserved for men only who are paid-up members). 

Stout Hikes take place on the second Wednesday of each month. We call them “Stout Hikes” because we work up a sweat going up and downhill for ten to fifteen miles. Just imagine the cool beer after such a hike: It tastes heavenly!

Founder’s Hikes are impromptu hikes organized most often by invitation only and led by Boots ‘n Beer’s founder, Jim Carson. Founder’s Hikes are serious workouts with the idea that you leave nothing on the trail and certainly not cut into the beer time.

Saison Hikes (reserved for ladies only who are paid-up members).

On a day of their choosing during any month the ladies have a “Saison Hike” where they challenge themselves on a longer hike, anywhere from eight to twelve or more miles with at least two thousand feet elevation gain.


Participation in any Boots ‘n Beer hikes or events is automatic confirmation that you have read, understood and that you are in agreement with our Liability Waiver in its entirety. Participation in any of our events signifies your full acceptance of the liability waiver as it is posted on this website, irrespective of signing or not signing the Liability Waiver. 


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